18 Super Inventive Ways To Organize Your Tiny Kitchen

Good news to you small space dwellers: there's plenty of ways you can increase storage and workable room in your kitchen. As kitchens require a lot of equipment, pots, pans, appliances, and utensils of various kinds. Small kitchens simply don’t have space for you to stash everything you need to cook your meals. 
So if there’s limited space in your kitchen it could lead to clutter and disorganization, and every single inch needs to work twice as hard. Small kitchens need to be organized in such a way that they use space efficiently, creating a better workflow.
Here are 5 concepts and 18 Innovative products to help you organize your small kitchen:
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I. Vertical space:

Vertical space is your best friend. You want to get everything off your countertop and use the vertical space that is already available to you. We have a variety of shelves, racks, and systems to help you have more counter space while staying fairly unintrusive. Here is a collection of our best kitchen racks:

1. Stainless Steel Kitchen Racks: 

2. Matte Black Aluminium Spice Rack: 

3. Matte Black Microwave & small oven Rack:

4. Punch-Free Matte Black Kitchen Racks: 


II. Capitalize on space that is already taken by other items:

Kitchen appliances like the fridge, the washing machine, the dishwasher, the oven, etc., already take so much space in your kitchen and only serve one purpose. We have a few ingenious products that not only give you more shelves and compartments to work with, but they also use space that otherwise cannot be used. 

5. 3-Tier Stainless Steel Over washing Machine Rack: 

6. Magnetic Fridge Rack:


III. Use The Space In your Cabinets More Efficiently:

What is better than shelves over shelves? shelves under shelves! We have a selection of racks and systems that will help you get the most out of your cabinets. they are super easy to install and won't damage your cabinets and shelves in the process, which is perfect if you're renting.

7. Under the shelf storage baskets:

8. Under The Shelf Hanging Racks:

 9. Under The Shelf Storage Rack With Rolling Paper Holder:

10. Under The Shelf Dual Rolling Paper Holder:

11. Under the Shelf Rolling Paper Holder:

12. Over The Cabinet Door Towel Holder :

13. Over The Door In Cabinet Storage Baskets: 

14. In-Cabinet Modular Adjustable Storage Rack:

Most cabinets under the sink go unused and most often are messy and cluttered. We have the perfect solution for that. These are modular and width adjustable, so they can fit most sinks, and you can DIY your way around the drains and pipes. 


IV. Space dividers:

Organizing your drawers and dividing them into segments and compartments makes them hold more items and end up saving you so much space.

15. In-Drawer Spice Rack Organizer: 

16. In-Drawer Space Dividers:

V. Residual space:

17. Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack:

The space behind most sinks go unused, and dish drying racks take a big portion of your counter space limiting you while cooking. Our Kitchen dish drying racks solve that problem and keep your kitchen essentials at an arm's reach.


18. 2/3/4-Tier Gap Cart and Storage Rack: 

We all have gaps all around the house, the kitchen, the bathroom, etc., with these trollies that do double duty as storage racks will fit there perfectly and end up saving you so much space.

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